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    computer cable

    computer cable
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    D-sub cable

    D-Sub cable also called VGA cable, CRT colorful display for design and manufacture of reason, can only accept analog signal input, the most basic contains RGBHV (red, green, and blue, respectively), transportation, field 5 weight, no matter in what type of access, contains at least above the five components in the signal.

    Most of the most common interface for PC graphics card D - 15, the 3 D shape row 15 needle pin, some of them are useless, connected using signal lines are open.

    In addition to the five essential components, the most important thing is that after 96 also increased the DDC in the colorful display of data, used to read the display in the EPROM records about the colorful display brand, model, production date, serial number, target parameters information , in order to realize the PnP (plug and play) required by WINDOWS functions.

    Almost all of the CRT has this kind of interface.  

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